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Welcome to YellowDog’s customer documentation page. Here you’ll find links to useful information about your YellowDog products.


This page includes the following sections:

  • Release Notes
  • YellowDog Platform and Portal
  • YellowDog Index

Release Notes

YellowDog Platform and Portal

  • Getting Started (PDF) Guides you through the steps required to set up and use the Portal, either to run a demo application provided by YellowDog, or to perform simple provisioning operations.

YellowDog Platform

YellowDog strongly recommends reading the Implementation Guide before referring to the API information, in order to understand the context and workflow.

  • Implementation Guide (PDF) Explains how to use the YellowDog API to provision compute and run applications in the cloud. You will also need to refer to the relevant API document.
  • YellowDog Scheduler Service (PDF) A conceptual and architectural introduction to the scheduler service.
  • API documents Detailed API information for Java and Python.
  • How To guides Short technical guides and code snippets that explain aspects of the platform.

YellowDog Portal

YellowDog Index

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