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New Documentation Portal

This release introduces the new documentation portal, which will provide an improved customer experience by unifying our existing set of customer support content and enabling clients to easily find specific details and related information, whether that be within what was previously PDF documents, or the SDK documentation, or user videos.

In this first phase, the Help/User Guide and Implementation Guide have been integrated and migrated to the new format. Other existing documents and pages are available as links from the new portal and its menus.

Screenshot of new Portal

Features of the new documentation portal include:

  • Responsive code examples. Where code examples are available in different languages, select your preferred language to view all examples in that language.
  • Use of top menus make it easier to switch between user documents, SDK documentation, or release documents as desired. Integration between these areas will be improved in future releases.
  • Dynamically loaded content enables you to jump straight to the topic of interest, and then simply scroll up or down to see related items.

Further improvements, such as a full Search facility and improved integration with the YellowDog Portal, are currently under development and will be released in future phases.


Platform Updates

No updates have been made to the Platform.

Portal Updates

The Help link in the Portal has been updated to open the new documentation portal.

Workflow Changes

No changes are required to any existing workflows.

For more information about any aspect of this change, contact YellowDog.

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