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Task Cancellation Overview

In previous versions of YellowDog, Tasks that were in the process of executing (mainly those that had the status Running) would usually continue executing even if they (or their parent Task Group or Work Requirement) were cancelled.

Task processing has now been updated, so that when cancelling a Task you can choose whether to cancel (abort) even if the Task is currently executing. This is additionally supported by some alterations to Task output settings, to Task error reporting, and to the Task’s Working Directory.


Platform Updates

When cancelling Tasks, it is now possible to specify whether any Tasks that are executing should continue to completion (the previous behaviour), or whether they should be aborted. A new state Aborted has been added for Tasks that were cancelled while executing. This new state is described in more detail below.

The previous Task output parameter uploadOnFailed has been replaced with a new alwaysUpload parameter. The Worker will attempt to upload outputs with this parameter set (referred to as alwaysUploadOutputs) even if the Task failed or was aborted. Outputs that do not have this parameter set (referred to as taskSucceededOutputs) will be uploaded only if the Task succeeded.

Additionally, the working directory used when executing a Task is now nested under the Worker’s working directory, and is named based on the Task ID. For example, a Task that was executed by worker number 2 on the node, with the Task ID ydid:task:000000:b5af3d8e-e66f-4e0b-a440-4f673c015d65:1:1 would use a working directory similar to: /var/opt/yellowdog/agent/data/workers/2/ydid_task_000000_b5af3d8e-e66f-4e0b-a440-4f673c015d65_1_1/

Aborted Status

A Task enters the Aborted state if it is cancelled while Running, Downloading or Uploading. A Running task may transition to Uploading before finally being Aborted. The Worker running the Task will abort any standard file uploads, but will still attempt any outputs set to alwaysUpload.

Portal Updates

A number of updates have been made to the Portal to support and provide additional insight into Task cancellation.

When cancelling a Task from the Portal, the confirmation dialog now enables you to choose whether to cancel even if the Task is currently executing. Once an executing task has been cancelled, the new status Aborted is shown in the Task List, and the list can be filtered and sorted on this status.

Tasks that are in the process of aborting are indicated in the Task List with a new timer icon, and you can mouse over the icon to see when the abort was requested: Timer icon

Tasks with errors are also now identified by an alert icon, with more information available in the Task’s Detail view.

Details of an Aborted Task with errors

In addition, viewing Task Details now includes icons for the Task outputs, indicating whether or not these are set to alwaysUpload:
taskSucceededOutput This output will only be uploaded if the Task succeeded. alwaysUploadOutput The Worker will attempt to upload this output even if the Task failed or was aborted.

Further Information

For more information on Task configuration and status, see the Implementation Guide.

To learn more, contact YellowDog.

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