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Objects UI Update Overview

The Portal’s Objects page has been updated to improve consistency with the way in which other items such as Images and Work Requirements are displayed and managed.

Instead of a three-column table, the Objects page now provides a simple listing of Namespaces. Clicking on a Namespace opens it in a separate tab, which you can use to navigate through the file structure and view the details of individual objects. This provides a better viewing experience than the previous UI, especially when previewing file content.

It is also now possible to preview images that are stored in standard web-compatible formats.


Platform Updates

This is a purely cosmetic change. No updates have been made to the underlying Object Store Service.

Portal Updates

The Objects page now shows a list of Namespaces that can be sorted in the same way as other item listings. The associated Namespace Storage Configurations can be viewed and managed by clicking the Configurations button.

Clicking on a Namespace opens the contents of its associated Namespace Storage Configuration in a new tab. The folder structure is shown on the left, and details of the selected object are shown on the right. Where the selected object is a short text file, or a web-compatible image such as JPG, PNG or GIF, the file’s content will be shown with the other details.

Namespace Storage Configuration details tab

Workflow Changes


Further Information

For more information on using the Objects page, see the Portal User Guide or Help.

To learn more, contact YellowDog.

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