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YellowDog April-2020 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Frontend Portal 2.18.0
Backend Platform 1.37.0

Cell 1.2.0 remains the latest release.

Platform Portal 1.2.0 remains the latest release.

YellowDog for CGI April-2020

New Features and Improvements for CGI

New Deadline Cloud Plugin for Platform Services

A new plugin is available to enable clients to use Deadline Monitor to manage the YellowDog Platform (previously called the Core Platform). This completely replaces the previous Deadline plugin.

The Deadline plugin makes rendering with YellowDog a seamless experience, enabling users to submit jobs to YellowDog from within the rendering software and to manage jobs and servers within the familiar Deadline environment. For instructions on installing and using the Deadline plugin, see the Using YellowDog With Deadline document, available at the YellowDog Documentation Page.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

CGI Fixes


YellowDog Platform April-2020

No releases for the YellowDog Platform occurred in April 2020.

YellowDog Portal April-2020

No releases for the YellowDog Portal occurred in April 2020.

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