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YellowDog 3.2 Release Notes

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Cell 3.2

Platform Portal 3.2

YellowDog Platform 3.2

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Platform

Support for Provisioning AWS Fleets

You can now use YellowDog to provision AWS EC2 Fleets, either as an instant fleet request or to be managed through AWS fleet maintenance. This is done through a new Source Template type AwsFleetComputeSource.

Note that:

  • When provisioning an instant fleet, you cannot increase the number of instances supplied by this Source once the Compute Requirement is running.
  • When provisioning a self-maintained fleet, YellowDog does not manage these instances and so some actions may not be available.
  • Several parameters from the AWS EC2 API have been merged into a single purchaseOption parameter that specifies how to prioritise On Demand vs Spot instances.

YellowDog recommend that you use the Portal to set up AWS Fleet sources, as the user interface provides more guided configuration.

Support for OCI Cluster Networks and E3 Flexible Shapes

When provisioning an OCI Instance Pool through YellowDog, you can now choose to provision those instances as a Cluster Network. This improves YellowDog’s support for demanding parallel workloads that require high bandwidth and low latency.

In addition, all OCI Source Template objects now support specifying the Instance Type as an E3 flexible shape.

Source Traits

YellowDog has increased visibility into provisioning operations by exposing pertinent Source capabilities as Source Traits. Source Traits are capabilities that affect the actions that can be performed on a compute requirement. As such, these traits are set based on the provider’s API and cannot be edited.

The traits that can be set on a Source are:

  • canStopStart If true, this Source’s instances can be stopped and restarted. If any Sources in a Compute Requirement do not support this, the Compute Requirement cannot be stopped or restarted.
  • isSelfMaintained This Source is managed outside YellowDog. YellowDog cannot reprovision the instances supplied by this Source.
  • canScaleOut YellowDog can request additional instances from this Source after the Compute Requirement has been provisioned.

Fixes for the YellowDog Platform

  • The names of some Compute Requirement properties have been updated to clarify their purpose. Specifically, instanceCount has been renamed to targetInstanceCount, and maintainInstanceCount has been renamed to autoReprovision.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

YellowDog Portal 3.2

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Portal

Support for AWS Fleets and OCI Cluster Networks

The Portal has been updated to enable you to configure AWS Fleet sources and use the extended OCI options now supported by the platform.

Yellowdog recommends that you use the Portal to set up AWS Fleet sources, as the user interface guides configuration by hiding parameters not relevant to your current setup.

AWS Fleet Configuration

For example, if you select On-Demand instances only, options that apply to Spot instances are not available.

Source Traits

Source Traits, described in the Platform section above, represent qualities possessed by a Source that may affect the management of a Compute Requirement. A Source’s Traits are now shown as part of the Source details.

Source Traits in a Compute Requirement

For example, the above Compute Requirement Stop and Start options are greyed out because one of its Sources does not have the trait can stop & start. This can be seen immediately by clicking on the Source.

Various UX Improvements

  • You can now terminate multiple Compute Requirements at once from the Compute menu.
  • The Image drop-down in Source Templates, Compute Requirement templates and Compute Requirements now includes any images set as Public by another account.
  • When adding an Image ID, the Portal automatically trims any spaces inadvertently included by the user.

Fixes for the YellowDog Portal

  • Further improvements have been made to the overflow behaviour of text and menu options.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

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