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YellowDog August-2020 Release Notes

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Component Versions

YellowDog Index UI 1.2.0

Cell 1.2.0 remains the latest release.

Platform Portal 1.2.0 remains the latest release.

Frontend Portal 2.18.0 remains the latest release.
Backend Platform 1.37.0 remains the latest release.

YellowDog Index August-2020

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Index

Optional vCPU/RAM Combination

It is no longer necessary to specify a combination of vCPU and RAM. By default, the Index searches for instances with a specific vCPU/RAM, but you can remove any vCPU or RAM constraints from your search by clicking the new All vCPU/RAM combinations option.

Machine Name Searching

If you know the machine name you are looking for, you can now use the new Instance Name Pattern filter to include it in your search. Additionally, you can use standard wildcard characters (* . ^ $) to search for variants on a single machine name.

Example of using an instance name pattern to find specific instances

For example, searching for “medium$” would find instance names ending in “medium”, such as a1.medium and c6g.medium.

Results Sharing

You can now share your Index queries with your professional network. Simply use the icons at the bottom of the page to save a link to the results, or to share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media icons

YellowDog Index Fixes


For more information, contact YellowDog.
The YellowDog index can be accessed at

YellowDog Platform August-2020

No releases for the YellowDog Platform occurred in August 2020.

YellowDog Portal August-2020

No releases for the YellowDog Portal occurred in August 2020.

YellowDog for CGI August-2020

No releases for YellowDog for CGI occurred in August 2020.

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