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YellowDog December-2019 Release Notes

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Release Notes for CGI | Release Notes for Core

Component Versions

Modo plugin
Maya plugin
Render Module
YellowDog Sync

Account Service 1.1
Object Store Service 1.10
Compute Service 1.9
Image Registry Service 1.4
Scheduler Service 1.8
Platform Client 1.10
Agent 1.8

YellowDog December-2019 for CGI

New Features and Improvements | Fixes

New Features and Improvements for CGI

Updated video tutorials and explainers

We have updated our suite of video tutorials and explainers. The links to these can be found under the View Support Pages section or the Help link on our portal.

Updated videos now available in the Portal

Batch export of scenes

Modo scenes can now be uploaded in batches using a YellowDog script. This script and a description of its capabilities can be accessed within Modo: from the System option, select the Commands tab.

If you use the Modo plugin, you should update your plugin to make use of this change.

Support for Vray Next render engine for Modo

Modo scenes can now be rendered using the Vray Next render engine.

In order to use Vray Next with Modo, you will need to install the latest version of the Modo plugin.

YellowDog Sync Upload with ordered chunk hashes

We have improved the methodology used by YellowDog Sync to upload your scenes to the YellowDog Platform. Scenes are uploaded in chunks and the upload process now ensures that individual chunks are uploaded in sequence.

If you use the Windows Sync client, you should update Sync to make use of this change.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

CGI Fixes

  • Users are advised that we do not currently support the Altus Denoiser in Redshift when exporting scenes to YellowDog.
  • We have fixed an issue where the YellowDog plugin for Maya crashes because Redshift on Maya2014 does not have a denoiser mode.
  • The YellowDog Plugin for Maya will import all files found in XGen palette folder.
  • We have resolved an issue in the YellowDog plugin for Maya where the layer frame override was been incorrectly read.
  • We have fixed an issue where YellowDog Sync would miss some uploads if 100 scenes were uploaded in quick sucession.
  • YellowDog sync will now block upload of jobs from unsupported Modo versions.
  • YellowDog sync will now retry archiving files 3 times and report any exceptions during the archive process.
  • Our user portal will now advise users when their internet connection has been lost.

YellowDog December-2019 for Core

New Features

New Features and Improvements for Core

Compute Requirement templates

Worker Pools can be now provisioned using the Compute Requirement templates functionality that we released in November.

Working with Compute Requirement templates in the Portal

Object upload and download via YellowDog Portal

Objects can now be uploaded and downloaded via the User Portal (in addition to using our API, of course!)

Managing objects using the Portal

Downloading objects using the Portal

Object store integration with major providers

We now offer direct object store integrations with the major cloud providers:

  • Alibaba Object Store
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Oracle Object Store

Managing object storage in the cloud

For more information, contact YellowDog.

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