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YellowDog 1.1 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Cell 1.1.0
The Cell release includes all the latest services.

Platform Portal 1.1.0

YellowDog Platform 1.1

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Platform

New Usage Service

A new Usage service provides information about server time usage, both overall and broken down by provider. This information can be viewed in the YellowDog Portal.

Fixes for YellowDog Platform


YellowDog Portal 1.1

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Portal

Viewing Usage Information

A new Usage page provides users with insight into their account’s server time usage. This can be filtered by:

  • Namespace
  • Compute Requirement
  • Application or User
  • Instance Status
    …or by an individual provider, region, type of instance, or source.

Viewing usage by instances that are not running

Clicking on an individual provider expands that entry to show additional information, such as a chart of usage by instance state.

Fixes for YellowDog Portal

  • Users can now use multiple tabs without being automatically logged out of one or more of them.
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