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YellowDog 1.2 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Cell 1.2.0
The Cell release includes all the latest services.

Platform Portal 1.2.0

YellowDog Platform 1.2

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Platform

Python Client for YellowDog Applications

A new Python client enables you to manage the Compute Service and Account Service via a Python API. A full Python implementation of all the platform services will follow soon.

Individual Provisioning of Google Compute Engine (GCE) GPU Nodes

You can now provision GCE GPU instances individually, not just as part of instance groups. This facility is provided by a new object GceInstancesProvisionSource.

Fixes for YellowDog Platform

  • The Compute Service now correctly excludes terminating instances when calculating capacity, and does not over-provision.
  • The existing GceInstanceGroupProvisionSource object has been updated to correctly provision GPU nodes.
  • A number of minor improvements have been made to the recently introduced Usage Service.
  • The Scheduler Service now runs more quickly, after a change to library configuration.
  • The server-side event stream now automatically reconnects on error and cancellation, meaning the user sees no interruption of events.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

YellowDog Portal 1.2

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Portal

Work Requirements

You can now view and manage your Work Requirements from a new Workload menu option. Once you have created a Work Requirement through an application, you can pause it, cancel it, and view the status and details of the Work Requirement itself and the Task Groups and Tasks it contains.

Detail view of an individual Work Requirement

The Workload area is laid out similarly to the existing Compute area. As with Compute Requirements, the initial view provides an overview, and you can click on parts of a graph to open up new panels and tables that provide further detail. See the online help for further details.

For more information, contact YellowDog.


The Portal has been updated to display a brief alert at the top of your browser window when an action you perform succeeds or fails, or when it receives an error message about an object you are viewing.

Example of an alert

The full details of any alert can be viewed using the Logs page.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

Usage Status Bars

The Usage page now shows the proportion of the Total Time that has been spent in each status. You can click on the status bar to see further details.

Usage Status with Pie Chart

In this example, a quarter of the usage time for the selected source has been spent in the status Stopped.

Resizing the Compute Requirement Status Graph

When viewing an individual Compute Requirement, you can now change the size of the Status Graph.

The Status Graph panel

Click and drag the new indicator at the left-hand side of the panel to resize the whole panel proportionally. The screen layout will change as necessary to accommodate the new size.

Fixes for YellowDog Portal


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