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YellowDog 3.5 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Cell 3.5

Platform Portal 3.5

YellowDog Platform 3.5

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Platform

Extended GCE Support

YellowDog now supports provisioning Confidential VMs and the new Google Spot instances.

A new property Confidential has been added to both GceInstancesComputeSource and GceInstanceGroupComputeSource. This can be set to True via either the SDK or the Portal. Note that Confidential VMs are only supported on certain machine shapes, and also require a compatible image. If the requested instances cannot be provisioned as Confidential VMs, the Compute Requirement will fail.

Similarly, a new property Spot is available in both GceInstancesComputeSource and GceInstanceGroupComputeSource. If this is set to True, YellowDog will provision Spot instances from Google. Note that Spot instances and Preemptible instances are mutually exclusive, and the platform will not permit both properties to be set in the same Source Template.

New Cloud Info Service

A new Cloud Info service is under development. This service imports product and service data from YellowDog’s supported cloud providers, and normalises it in order to support meaningful queries and comparisons. In future versions, this data will support extended functionality in features such as Dynamic Templates.

In version 3.5, the initial implementation of the Cloud Info service enables you to use the SDK to return information about regions and instance types. For more information, see the SDK documentation.

Fixes for the YellowDog Platform

  • When creating users through the SDK, it is no longer possible to create more than one user with the same username.
  • When using the same Worker to perform multiple Tasks, the working directory is now fully cleared out between Tasks.
  • Creating multiple Compute Requirements simultaneously no longer causes an error.
  • In rare cases where an Instance does not exist in a Compute Requirement at the point where the platform attempts to deprovision it, the error is now handled cleanly and a useful message is logged.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

YellowDog Portal 3.5

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Portal

Creating Advanced Worker Pools

A Worker Pool is considered to be an Advanced Worker Pool if its Nodes have been configured so that they may take on different roles within the pool. Following on from the introduction of Worker Pool provisioning in version 3.4, it is now possible to create Advanced Worker Pools from within the YellowDog Portal.

The process is for the same as creating a standard Worker Pool, however a new Node Configuration option enables you to enter the JSON code to configure Node Types, Node Events and Node Actions.

Monitoring Advanced Worker Pools

The Worker Pool details tab has been updated to provide additional information when viewing and managing an Advanced Worker Pool. A new pane provides summary information about the configured Node Types and which Node Events have Action Groups and Actions associated. You can click on an Event to see full details of the associated Actions.

Advanced Worker Pool information pane

Configuring Worker Pools with External Compute

It is now possible to use the Portal to create a Worker Pool using compute that was not provisioned using YellowDog. This is called a Configured Worker Pool.

From the Workers menu, click Create Configured Worker Pool to create the Worker Pool and return a Token that can be used by the Agent on each machine to register with YellowDog.

The Implementation Guide (PDF) has been updated to provide full information on how to set up an external Worker Pool, for example to use the YellowDog Scheduler to handle On-Premise compute. For more information, see the Using On-Premise Compute topic within the Before You Begin section.

Syntax Highlighting in Initialisation Data

The Portal now provides syntax highlighting for:

  • Mustache template tags in the User Data field on Source Templates, Compute Requirement Templates and Compute Requirements
  • Mustache template tags when viewing Node Actions on an Advanced Worker Pool
  • JSON tags in the Node Configuration field on an Advanced Worker Pool

Fixes for the YellowDog Portal

  • When opening a menu that can potentially have multiple tabs open (such as the Workers menu), clicking on the single initial summary tab no longer causes an error

For more information, contact YellowDog.

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