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YellowDog 1.0 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Account Service 1.0
Object Store Service 1.6
Compute Service 1.7
Image Registry Service 1.4
Scheduler Service 1.6
Platform Client 1.6
Agent 1.6

YellowDog 1.0 for Core

New Features and Improvements for Core

Improved Security and Authentication

Security and authentication for the core platform has been improved with the introduction of the Account Service.

The new Account Service replaces the existing User Service. Account Service features include:

  • A new system for third party credential storage.
  • Improved platform authentication for users and applications via Keyrings.
  • The ability to create Access Delegates for users and applications. Managing the new credentials using the Portal

All core platform services have been updated to support these changes.

Better Asset Storage and Transfer

Updates to the Object Store Service provide:

  • Improved availability and performance scaling through the use of distributed transfer session storage.
  • A new framework for integration with back-end storage systems.
  • Configurable namespace mapping to specific storage providers.
  • Updates to our integration with Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

Streamlined Provisioning

The Compute Service has been updated to enable the use of Compute Requirement Templates. These enable you to specify standard elements of your Compute Requirements that you can use to simplify the creation of new provisioning requests. Provisioning compute in the Portal

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