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YellowDog October-2019 Release Notes

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YellowDog October-2019 release notes for CGI

New Features and Improvements | Fixes

New Features and improvements for CGI

RenderMan render engine is now supported for Maya on Windows

Full service YellowDog users can now submit their Maya RenderMan jobs directly to the YellowDog platform without any special setup. The version of RenderMan that we support is 22.6.

Users can optionally select if they want to receive additional RIB outputs generated by RenderMan.

Live render logs for Maya projects

Maya users can now use the “Live render logs” feature when exporting a job. This option is available to select before export to YellowDog.

Maya plugin export window

Render API documentation update

We have updated our Public facing Render API documentation to reflect the current name of our Select Service.

Public API documentation

Select Service - self directed actions

As part of our new Select Service self-directed node management, we disabled the “Cancel Subscription” link so that customers don’t accidentally cancel their subscriptions.

Select Service self-directed node management

Other improvements

  • We have updated the “new sign-up” wording for our new customers.
  • We have updated our code-sign certificates as they were near expiration.
  • Users cannot accidentally export Maya Arnold engine projects with GPU features enabled.
  • If Maya.exe is running during plugin installation, the user is now prompted to close it.

CGI Fixes

  • We have squashed a bug where under certain conditions a render job was not marked as finished.
  • The Maya plugin can now handle situations where references to the Xgen plugin are present in the scene but the assets are not present on the machine.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

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