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YellowDog Oct-2020 Release Notes

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Component Versions

Cell 2.1 remains the latest release version.

Platform Portal 2.2

Frontend Portal 2.18.0 remains the latest release version.
Backend Platform 1.37.0 remains the latest release version.

YellowDog Platform Oct-2020

No releases for the YellowDog Platform occurred in October 2020.

YellowDog Portal Oct-2020

New Features and Improvements for the YellowDog Portal

Viewing Allowances

The Allowances previously introduced in 2.1 can now be viewed and tracked from within the YellowDog Portal, providing the ability to see the current status of all your Allowances at a glance. You can view these details using the new Allowances menu option.

Note that Allowances cannot be created or edited using the Portal. Allowances must still be set and managed using the API.

Task Group dependencies and priorities

From the new Allowances page you can see what Allowances apply to items in your account, how much time remains on each Allowance, and other important information. Click on any individual allowance to see further details in a pop-up window. These pop-ups can be pinned to the screen in the same way as the Instance pop-ups in the Compute Requirement details page.

For more information, contact YellowDog.

YellowDog for CGI Oct-2020

No releases for YellowDog for CGI occurred in October 2020.

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