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Updates to YellowDog products are listed here, latest first.

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Version 3.5

Platform and Portal 3.5 provides additional flexibility and control when creating and managing Worker Pools from the Portal. It is now possible to create both Advanced Worker Pools and Configured Worker Pools (pools that use On-Premise compute) within the user interface.

Version 3.4

Platform and Portal 3.4 enabled the scheduler to respond dynamically to changes in the amount of work to be done by automatically provisioning or deprovisioning cloud instances. The extent of this responsiveness could be fully controlled by parameters set using the Portal or SDK. Other features included a new Dashboard to show the status of your work and compute at a glance, and the ability to create and control Worker Pools and Allowances using the Portal.

Version 3.3

Platform and Portal 3.3 introduced Advanced Worker Pools and Meta Scheduling, providing sophisticated SDK configuration of worker pools and the ability to integrate third-party schedulers. Corresponding updates to the Portal provided monitoring of the Worker Pool, similar to the existing Compute and Work screens.

Version 3.2

Platform and Portal 3.2 extended YellowDog’s support for cloud providers, adding the ability to provision OCI Cluster Networks, OCI Flexible Shapes and AWS Fleets. It also added information about the actions supported by each Source Template.

Version 3.1

Platform and Portal 3.1 significantly improved the performance of the Scheduler Service when handling large numbers of Tasks.

Version 3.0

Platform and Portal 3.0 provided the ability to locate the Best Source of Compute for your needs at run time, via new Source Attributes and Dynamic Templates.

Version 2.2

Platform and Portal 2.2 added Allowances to the Portal.

Version 2.1

Introduced Platform and Portal 2.1, with separate management of Templates, Sources and Images and extensions to the Portal’s features and usability.

Version 1.2

Introduced the Python SDK, plus multiple extensions to the Portal including Work Requirement visibility and alerting.

Version 1.1

Included Usage information for the standard YellowDog Platform.

Version 1.02

Provided log information accessible through the Portal, as well as multiple improvements to the Scheduler Service.

Version 1.01

Added direct object store integration with the major cloud providers, and the ability to use Compute Requirement Templates to provision Worker Pools.

Version 1.0

This was the first external release of the YellowDog Platform (initially referred to as ‘Core’)

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