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Updates to YellowDog products are listed here, latest first.

November 2022

Type Description
Feature   Resource verification. When running an application, YellowDog can now schedule Tasks based on the availability of their required inputs. This is Phase I of a more extensive resource management framework. For full details, see the Resource Management Release Notes.
Feature   Namespace format restrictions. In order to protect against some forms of namespace spoofing, and to facilitate compatibility with major cloud providers, namespaces and some item names are now required to consist of lower case letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores only. In addition, they must start with a letter and end with a letter or number. For more information on the impact of this change, see Namespace Format Release Notes.

October 2022

Type Description
Bugfix   Task outputs that contain self-referencing symbolic links will no longer cause the the upload to fail. Symbolic links will not be followed if they are part of a task output, and so their targets will not be uploaded.
Feature   It is now possible to cancel a Task that is in the process of execution. For full details, see the Cancelling an Executing Task Release Notes
Feature   When creating a Configured Worker Pool, the Portal now returns a template configuration file for installation on the On-Premise Instances. For full details, see the Worker Pool Configuration Release Notes
Feature   In the Portal, the Objects page has been updated to improve user experience. Additionally, images in standard web formats can now be previewed. For full details, see the Objects UI Update Release Notes
Feature   In the Portal, the Images page has been updated to improve user experience. For full details, see the Images UI Update Release Notes

September 2022

Type Description
Bugfix   When viewing Worker Pool details, the Nodes pane now correctly indicates the total number of nodes created, instead of only the number shown on the current page.

August 2022

Type Description
Feature   Users in the Portal can now navigate directly from an individual Task to the Worker running it.
Bugfix Using a GCE Instance Group Source no longer causes a Compute Requirement error when successfully shutting down the Worker Pool.
Feature When running a Compute Requirement, the Source details now show how many Instances were requested by the Compute Service, and how many Instances the provider is expected to supply. This provides greater insight into the provisioning process and especially into the availability of Instances from different Sources.
Feature The YellowDog platform now offers appropriate options for Region and Instance Type entry. When creating items that require Region and/or Instance details, such as Images and Source Templates, it is no longer necessary to look up these details elsewhere and enter them manually. The platform now offers a dropdown of options that are valid for the selected provider. This information is imported from the provider’s own API, using the Cloud Info service that was introduced in version 3.5.
Feature Azure provisioning now supports Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated Networking. In order to provide improved support for high-speed networking, both Azure Instances and Azure Scale Set Sources can now be set to create a Proximity Placement Group, in which case all Instances for that Source will be provisioned within the group. Accelerated Networking can also be set, but if a Compute Requirement attempts to set this on an Instance Type that does not support this option the Compute Requirement will return an error. These options are available both in the SDK and when using the Portal.

July 2022

Type Description
Feature   Importing and exporting Node Configuration for Advanced Worker Pools. It is now possible to download the node configuration when viewing the details of an Advanced Worker Pool. It is also possible to upload an existing file containing node configuration information into the Node Configuration section when creating an Advanced Worker Pool.

June 2022

Type Description
Feature   Vue 3 and dark mode. The Portal has been upgraded to Vue 3 in order to provide better performance and take advantage of new features. As part of this upgrade, the Portal now supports a dark mode option. You can switch to and from dark mode using a new toggle at the top of the screen.
Feature The docker_run task configured on YellowDog images may now be set to login to a specific registry. This can be set by specifying a third URL environment variable. By default, the docker_run task logs into dockerhub.
Feature The Platform now captures the exit code of a Task. This can be viewed in the logs and in the Task output file.
Bugfix Fixed a Snyk vulnerability in the Object Store Service.

To view the details for updates prior to June 2022, which were packaged into multi-feature releases, see the Release Notes Archive.

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